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Jane Smith is a mom to two adorable cats at home for more than five years now. Since she wanted to adopt a new cat, she visited a local animal shelter. Jane said she wanted the two cats to have an additional companion at home.

However, when the woman arrived at the shelter, there was no available cat for adoption. Since she was already there, Jane did not want to waste the effort to go there, so she decided to adopt a dog instead.

This was the time that Jane met with the dog she would later name Arman. Arman is a floppy-eared pooch, and when Jane first saw the pooch, there was an instant connection between them. According to Jane, it was Arman who went near her when she visited the shelter. The dog then suddenly put his head on Jane’s toe as if begging to be petted.

Since Jane found the gesture to be sweet, she petted the pooch. According to the volunteers, Arman has been with the shelter for three months already. The dog got surrendered by his previous owners because they could no longer care for the dog. It was heart-wrenching, but the volunteers accepted Arman with open arms.

When Jane heard the dog’s story, she did not hesitate to adopt the pooch. For her, the dog would be able to compliment her two cats’ personalities. True enough, when Jane brought Arman home, the dog immediately built a connection with the two cats.

Jane mentioned that the dog might have gotten used to cats’ presence, so he was not hostile towards them. This was a win-win for Jane because she no longer needs to introduce the pets to each other. More than this, Arman is also a loving brother to Jane’s only son.

Credits to Pet Trax.


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